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Sep 17

Concept of Function in c++

Once a function is written, you can call it any number of times. By calling a function, you transfer execution of the program to the function- definition code, which runs until it is finished or until it encounters a  return statement. Example of Avg Function void main(){ double a=5; double b=6; cout<<“AVG is” << avg(a,b); cout<<endl } double avg(double …

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Sep 16

MySQL Advance Questions and Answers

1. How many TRIGGERS are allowed in MySql table? Ans.  MySql table allows following 6 triggers: -BEFORE INSERT -AFTER INSERT -BEFORE UPDATE -AFTER UPDATE -BEFORE DELETE and -AFTER DELETE 2. Differentiate between FLOAT and DOUBLE. Ans. FLOAT stores floating point numbers with accuracy up to eight places and has four bytes while DOUBLE stores floating point numbers …

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