Monthly Archive: May 2016

May 16

Mysql Function

Mysql Function Mysql inbuild function as follow by categories Aggregate Function AVG – Calculate Average value of given set of expression Example: select AVG(column) from tbl_name Table (prdprice) id Name Price 25 Pencil 250.00 35 Phone 1525.00 36 Pen 254.00 58 Note Book 450.00 select AVG(price) from prdprice Output AVG(price) 619.75 COUNT – Count the …

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May 10

Rootscope and Scope in AngularJs

$rootscope is top-level scope. An app has only one $rootscope which will be share data among all the component of app. $rootscope is consider as global for the app. if every one want to define variable as global then he/she can use $rootscope. This method is usefull when have multiple controller in app and want …

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