Monthly Archive: July 2016

Jul 13

AngularJs Interview Question Part-I

1. AngularJs Key Features Ans. -> Following are angularjs key features a. Model b. View c. Controller d. Scope e. Data Binding f. Filters g. services h. Directive 2. What is services in AngularJs Ans. -> Services in AngularJs are singleton object or function that are used for carying specific task. Services Belong to some …

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Jul 11

Data Binding in AngularJs


Data Binding in AngularJs is automatically synchronization of data between model and view. The view is project of model at all time. When the model changes, the view reflected changes and vice versa. Two type of data binding in angularJs. 1. One-way data-binding :- In angularJs templating systems bind data in only one direction, they …

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Jul 04

AngularJs Interview Question

1. What is AngularJs Ans. -> AngularJs is framework, work on MVC pattern to build large scale and perfomance web application. it is easy to use and maintanance. AngularJs is powerful javascript library to create RICH Internate Application. AngularJs provides a way to write client side application in MVC structure. Application written in AngularJs automatically …

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