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Sep 17

What is CLR

CLR Means Common Language Runtime, All Language have runtime and its the responsiblity of the runtime to take care of the code execution of the program. For Example VC++ has MSCRT40.DLL, VB6 has MSVBVM60.DLL, java has java virtual matchine etc. Similarly .net has CLR. Some Functionality of CLR 1. Garbage Collection (GC) : CLR automatically …

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Oct 10

Session and Cookie in ASP.NET

Session and Cookie are two important concepts for state management in Web application.  Web server does not record each and every request in server memory, and it thinks each and every request is a new request. we can use various techniques like hidden field storage, Session storage, Store in Cookie, Store in ViewState etc. we …

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Oct 02

what is dotnet

The .NET is the technology from Microsoft, on which all other Microsoft technologies will be depending on in future. DotNet is said to be Microsoft development model in which software becomes platform and device independent and data becomes available over the internet. Microsoft .NET is also called Microsoft strategy for connecting systems, information and devices through web …

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