Jul 11

Data Binding in AngularJs

Data Binding in AngularJs is automatically synchronization of data between model and view. The view is project of model at all time. When the model changes, the view reflected changes and vice versa. Two type of data binding in angularJs.
1. One-way data-binding :- In angularJs templating systems bind data in only one direction, they merge template and model together into view. After Merge, the changes in model and related section of view are not reflated automatically in the view. Same as any change made by user in view not reflected into model. This is called one-way data binding in angularJs.


2. Two-way data-binding :- In this way any changes made by user in view immediately reflected in the model and any changes in model propagated to the view.Template in angularJs work differently, First template compile in the browser and compilation step produced a live view.


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