Sep 17

What is CLR

CLR Means Common Language Runtime, All Language have runtime and its the responsiblity of the runtime to take care of the code execution of the program. For Example VC++ has MSCRT40.DLL, VB6 has MSVBVM60.DLL, java has java virtual matchine etc. Similarly .net has CLR.

Some Functionality of CLR

1. Garbage Collection (GC) : CLR automatically manages memory thus eliminating memory leaks.

2. Code Access Security (CAS) : CAS grants rights to programm depending on the security configuration of the machine. CAS will take care that the code runs under the environment of machines security configuration.

3. Code Verification : This ensures proper code execution and type safety while the code runs.

4. Intermediate Language(IL) : CLR use JIT (JUST-IN-TIME) and compiles the IL code to machine code and then executes. CLR also determines depending on platform what is optimized way of running the IL code.

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